Lyoncross Nursery School
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Settling in Procedure

There is a Key Worker system in place and your child’s keyworker will have been at the home visit.  All children are allocated a Key Worker. When the parent/carer and child are introduced into the playroom, it is the Key Worker who will welcome them and together they will complete the first transition record or care plan from Home to Nursery. Over the next few days the time the child spends in the playroom is built up in order that the child can cope when the parent leaves. There is also no set time on how long this process takes as every child has individual needs and your child’s Key Worker will work with you and advise how long to stay with your child in the playroom and when you should go to the parents/carers’ room or leave the building for a short time.  You are welcome to make tea in the parents/carers’ room and meet other parents/carers.

After the initial settling period is over, you are welcome to spend time in the playroom alongside your child and we welcome your input throughout the year when you can come along and join in the fun!