Lyoncross Nursery School
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Admissions Policy

All nursery places are allocated in line with the Council’s Admissions and Charging Policy for the Early Years (Management Circular 3a) and staff will be happy to advise you how this policy operates when you apply. Leaflets detailing the Council’s policy are available from all establishments and if you want a copy please ask. Payments for extended hours are invoiced by Glasgow City Council directly through the Early Years Charging Team and we cannot accept payment within our establishment. An Admissions Panel meets regularly to decide how nursery places will be allocated.  The Panel consists of area heads of early years

establishments and representatives of other agencies involved in supporting children and their families e.g. Social Work Department, Health Board. The place offered is reviewed

every 6 months; however, if your circumstances change after your enrolment this may affect the type of place you have.

The head of nursery keeps a register of all applicants and the information contained in the application form will be considered by the admissions panel to assist in the allocation of

places.  Parents/carers can ask to see their application form at any time.  If circumstances change which affect the application you should speak to the Head of Nursery.