Lyoncross Nursery School
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Vision, Values and Aims

Our vision is to raise attainment and achievement by providing a happy, healthy, safe, and nurturing environment for learning and care.

Every child is unique and supported to become resilient, capable, confident, and self-assured through positive relationships between staff and parents/carers and where we work together with the community to allow every child to feel valued, included, and respected.


We aim to offer the highest and we will seek to:

•      Practitioners teaching children through challenging, playful, and fun learning opportunities underpinned by an effective curriculum which motivates children to become independent learners.

•      Boosting the self-esteem and confidence of every child.

•      Enabling every child to feel valued as citizens.

•      Providing every child with the opportunity to achieve their ambitions.

•      Providing equal opportunities and inclusion for all.

•      Creating an ethos which allows for the development of a positive disposition for life-long learning.

•      Providing a high-quality service which keeps abreast of current thinking.

•      Ensuring that staff, children, parents/carers, external agencies, and members of the local community work in partnership and feel valued and respected.

•      Providing Gaelic Medium Education utilising the immersion model to support each child in Gaelic language development.

•      Involving Lyoncross Nursery School/Sgòil Àraich Lyoncross and Gaelic Medium Education as an integral part of the community.