Lyoncross Nursery School
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Supporting your Child's Learning

Parents/carers are the prime educators of their child and have a great deal to offer the establishment.  We want your input to have an impact on the learning and teaching within

Lyoncross. In your child’s tray you will find a copy of the Rhyme of the Month, which you can help your child to learn, as research shows introduction to traditional nursery rhymes help children with their pre-reading skills.  There are also fun STEM (Science, Technology and Maths) experiences for you to do with your child which can be brought back to nursery and included in their Family Book.

We give “homework” to parents to allow you to support your child with the learning experiences he/she is accessing within Lyoncross and this is included with the Rhyme of the Month.  As well as this there will be PAThS “homework” and we hope these tasks allow you some insight into the work we do with your child. We will keep you up to date through our Monthly Newsletter. We would be interested in tapping into your individual skills for the benefit of the children and establishment in general. The staff want to promote real partnership with you so that your child can achieve their potential e.g., joining staff and children to go “Into the Woods”; help with our garden; or as part of our self-evaluation to improve our service. We also display new Policies in the Entrance Hall - please take the time to give us some feedback. We will also ask you through questionnaires for your views on the operation of procedures which affect your child e.g., vision, values and aims.  It is very important for your child to have you or another family member at any special events we host throughout the year.